Photography marketing – five content ideas for Instagram

Photography marketing

You are a photographer, and you are looking for a way to expand your brand and online presence. Social media is one big shot you have. But you have to understand that not all social media matters, you have to use two or three that matter.

No matter the social media you are choosing, you must be sure to choose Instagram. As a photographer, Instagram is a very great social network for you. However, for you to gain traction on Instagram, you need to post engaging contents.

If you are confused on what type of content to post on your Instagram, I got you covered. I will give you five content ideas that you can use for your Instagram.

Read on.

  1. Content that shows what is going on behind the scenes. Your fans always love to get engaged. One good way to get them engaged and make them feel like a part of your brand is to post what is going on behind the scenes. Since you are a photographer, you can show them images of you when you are shooting a photo. You can even show them videos of you trying to get ready for an event.
  2. Content that gives useful tips. You can post contents that add value to the customers. Sometimes it is very good to post contents that add value instead of showing off your work all the time. Adding content that adds value to your customers gives them more reason to follow you. As a photographer, you can provide tips on why family photos are essential. Anything good and value adding will do.
  3. Content that promotes contests or giveaways. Everyone loves free things. Posting contents that promote contests or giveaways is a good way to keep your audiences engaged, and even get more followers. Create contest rules. However, make your contest rule unique and creative. As a photographer, you can hold a contest that gives people free photo session (if they win).
  4. Content makes people laugh. In your Instagram marketing, laughter could be one of the keys to your brand’s success. When you post contents that make your audience laugh, you get more tendency of getting more engagement from your audience.
  5. Content contributed by other people. You gain traction on Instagram is to post contents contributed by other people. And how can you do that? You can ask your fans to post images of themselves using your product/services, or doing something related to your business. You can also a unique hashtag that they can use for the post.